We manage Apartment Blocks for Owner Management Companies

We are a company that will give you the peace of mind that when you make a phone call or send an email to us, you are getting through directly to Clients1st Property Managers and we personally make sure that all work is carried out putting ourselves in a position to be personally responsible.  We recognise that every development is different and has its own requirements, we work with the development and its directors to reduce costs while providing a unique personal service.

With regular inspections, you not only get a quick response time but early identification of potential problems.  With our hands-on approach you will get to know us, so when you contact us you will know who you are talking to and be assured that things are being dealt with.

Our offices are centrally located in Dublin 12 for a quick response and reaction time to all areas.

With our experienced team and office structure we are here to offer high levels of professional management in Dublin and dedication to your care, we will not only meet all your expectations but exceed them.

Development Managment

To ensure that the upkeep & comfort of your development is kept to the highest standards by dealing with the day-to-day issues.

Dedicated Manager

Planning maintenance works, implementing preventive maintenance & improvement program works while also dealing with emergencies.

Financial Management

To ensure your development accounts are accessible, up-to-date, clear and accurate.

Budget Management & Reporting

We will produce your Budget for Your approval.  Manage your Creditors & Debtors.  Manage Your Service Management Fees.  Manage your Current & Sinking Fund Accounts.  Give you full transparent and accurate financial accounts.

Service Fee Management

To ensure systems are in place for the collection of service fees for the funding to ensure the developments smooth running.

Service Charge & Debt Collection Management

Service Fee Invoicing and Management.  Debtor Management and Reporting.  Legal Team Support.

Contractor Management

To ensure safety and quality of works by experienced service providers for your development.

Ensuring Value for Your Money by Professional Management

We will identify the services need by your development for planned preventive regular maintenance and ensure the systems and contractors are in place should anything go wrong.

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